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Why It’s Great to Have a Summer Baby 
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Сообщение Why It’s Great to Have a Summer Baby
Why It’s Great to Have a Summer Baby

My oldest child is a summer baby. She was born early September in Florida, which means that most of the summer, I was spending my last days of pregnancy indoors in the air conditioning.My youngest two children were born in the winter while we were living in New York City. I was not used to the winter months up north, but I can now tell you from experience that it is cold!Now that summer is upon us and my oldest daughter’s birthday is just a few months away, I’m reflecting on how amazing it is to have a summer baby. And for those of you that are due this summer, congratulations, and enjoy all of the amazing things summer brings with your new little one.Here are four reasons why it’s great to have a summer baby:Advertisement1. You can explore the outdoors more easily. There’s one thing that I learned while having a newborn, and that’s that you need to get out of the house. While it’s so wonderful to snuggle with that new bundle of joy, it’s necessary to get out and enjoy fresh air and new scenery. Whether you put the baby in the stroller for a walk or use a baby carrier to keep her close, summer is the perfect opportunity to do that. Plus, it takes significantly less time to get a little one out of the house in summer than during the winter. During those cold winter months, you have to spend so much time bundling them up to go outdoors. During the summer, you can put them in an adorable outfit and go!2. It’s not cold and flu season. Believe me, this makes a huge difference. My youngest, who was born in February, was very sick at only three weeks because of a bug that my daughter brought home from preschool. As much as we tried to protect by washing hands, it was inevitable. While there are still bugs that are spread throughout the summer, it’s much less common, allowing you to relax a little bit more.3. You can have outdoor birthday parties. While you aren’t thinking about their first birthday just yet,baby stores online, you will be soon enough. My younger two always have birthdays indoors and my oldest gets the pleasure of hosting hers outside with all of her friends. It’s so nice to have the flexibility and to have a barbecue and more!4. Summer clothes are so precious! Dresses,baby safety, rompers,baby nappies, and bathing suits, oh my! Summer clothes can’t get any cuter!

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